Pregnancy Massage

“A grand adventure is about to begin.” Winnie the Pooh

For women of other cultures, nurturing touch during pregnancy and birth is a natural, essential part of their health care. “Pregnant bodies need the structural, physiological & emotional care of knowledgeable touch.” (Carole Sheets, Pre and Peri Natal Massage Therapy) In the western world where pregnancy & birth has become increasingly medical in nature, massage has become even more important as pregnant women seek out a ways to feel nurtured, supported & respected. Massage helps to increase the ‘good’ hormones released into the body – helping to reduce blood pressure & slow down the heart rate, increasing oxygen to both mom & baby. It allows the muscles to stretch and move as the pregnancy progresses, decreasing the amount of discomfort. It also helps to maintain the range of motion of the joints in the hips & back which is essential when approaching labour & birth. Many side effects of pregnancy are helped with massage including Insomnia, Sciatic type pain, Carpal Tunnel symptoms, swelling, leg cramps and general body aches.

I use the “Body Cushion” system for positioning on the massage table during pregnancy. This side lying support system provides a high level of comfort & safety for both mom to be & baby. The hips & back are in alignment, there is no pressure on the bottom shoulder & the neck is fully supported. This allows for complete relaxation during the massage treatment. I have specialized post graduate training in pregnancy massage & promise that you will be completely happy with your treatment. I am very comfortable & knowledgeable with both low & high risk pregnancies.