Pregnancy Massage - Questions and Answers

Should I ask my doctor or midwife about having a massage before I book an appointment?

Please inform your doctor or midwife that you will be receiving a pregnancy massage. Normally, if your pregnancy is not considered to be high risk, receiving a massage should not be a concern. If I have any concerns, I will ask your permission to consult your caregiver for further information.

How often should I have a massage while I’m pregnant?

The frequency of treatment depends on many factors such as stress, activity level, & stage of pregnancy. An average schedule of treatment may be 1 massage/month until you reach 30 weeks. At this point you may find that a massage every 2 weeks is required. At approximately 36 weeks, many women may opt to have a massage every week until the baby is born. I always encourage women to book appointments up until & past their estimated due date. There isn’t a cancellation fee for a mamma in labour! Check out my great package deals for massage pre & post natal! (Oh & don’t forget I provide receipts for insurance reimbursement.)

Please, oh please, can you help me go into labour?!

I wish! But, sadly, nothing but Mother Nature herself can decide when you go into labour. Massage can, however, help to relax you, help your hips be in proper “birthing alignment” & at least temporarily make you forget about your “due date.” I also have information on acupressure & acupuncture that is very helpful for inducing labour that I can share with you.

How soon after I have my baby can I have a massage?

As long as you have had an uncomplicated labour & delivery, you can have a massage as soon as you like. Many women find that their shoulders, neck & upper back are very sore & tight following birth. Treatment is still done in a side lying position & we are all flexible depending on the baby’s feeding & snuggling needs. Even a short treatment is valuable at this time.